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In May 2016 Chris photographed a series of portraits of Melbournes’ homeless community in a makeshift camp in the city square. Published by The Age newspaper, the intimate headshots included amongst others, Asha Lang. Six months later Chris was contacted by a woman living over 1600km’s away named Jill*, Asha’s granddaughter, who after seeing the portraits online was adamant she had found her Grandfather. After 13 years, Jill and the rest of her family were about to be re-united with the man they believed deceased. At her request, Chris found Asha living between a homeless camp on Melbourne’s Flinders Street and a hidden traffic island behind the famous Arts Centre spire.

Upon hearing about his families contact Asha immediately began to weep. Abused by an alcoholic father and molested by a town priest as a child, Asha left home and became a drifter at the age of 15. Suffering anxiety and depression he would ultimately be institutionalised, before living on the streets of Melbourne. These images portray the street life of a man who while down and destitute always lived with a hope that he would someday be re-united with his family.(* Name changed for privacy.) As featured in The Age newspaper (Melbourne).